TechGallop was founded by a team with over a decade experience in custom software development and support, in Lahore, Pakistan, where it has its headquarters. From the beginning we offered quality custom application development, web hosting, design and custom web programming, website promotion as well as IT consultancy for various worldwide firms with full support and unlimited customer service interaction.

Our Goal

Is to offer the best software support you need and to help you obtain the best results you can get out of your product. Our partnerships are built on trust and transparency, we want to manage and license the best custom software your firm can get, at the best price, allowing users to experience original, unique software’s, with fully working features that help your business reach maximum productivity. We combine our engineering expertise with elegant, stylish plans, to deliver extraordinary designs in both aesthetics and feasibility.

Why Custom Software Development ?

We consider that the world is in a continuous change, old ways needing to be updated to fulfill the modern day criteria of society. TechGallop, with its Custom Software Development, offers a positive change for various businesses, offering a wider range of support for various needs that our customer ask for. Clients have the opportunity to have a custom interface that meets their needs, the design being built from scratch to maximize our buyer’s highest standards.

Company’s vision

We support the accurate capture of the buyer’s intent, that of perfectly providing the required goals, always deadline sharp. We offer support, reimbursements, research and data analysis for every product we release. TechGallop is a company founded on innovation, creativity and passion, which supports the ongoing process of human evolution at its highest standards.


Web & Mobile Apps Delivered

Customers Globally