EMR Software

TechGallop uses in its development the finest accepted formats the healthcare industry works with, with all the known protocols and standards, so that you can be assured your new software is fully integrated with hardware and other Healthcare programs, like your management or lab system, insurance system or medical equipment you have in your healthcare center. We are adepts of developing new, custom Electronic Health Management Systems from the ground up, software’s that are user friendly and easy to use for healthcare personnel.

Our firm creates feature-rich software development solutions that offer you full flexibility with maximum functionality. We provide the best tools that empower you to run all departments at top notch speed, letting your patients gain the best care from your health departments.

TechGallop takes great pride in the reliability and productivity of the software solutions that we deliver, fully ensuring our clients that the platforms we offer hold no issues on business processes and other workflows. Our solutions further empower them in the healing they have to offer and offers them a better management of their noble duty.


Electronic Prescribing Software

In providing the much needed quality healthcare, the key is making an accurate diagnosis and prescribing the safest medication in treating illnesses. TechGallop makes sure that your medical center can embrace high standards of quality for your patients using an Electronic Prescribing Software or EPS.

The EPS we develop allows your healthcare personnel to effectively send prescriptions, in an electronic format, to your partnered pharmacies. The software makes sure that the patients prescriber is offering all the specific information for the pharmacist to fill the prescription, such as the name of the medication, its dosage and the healthcare professionals directions for usage. Among other benefits, the prescribing software makes sure that the medic’s intentions are not misinterpreted and it eliminates the effort and time being put in understanding the physician’s handwriting.


Medical Billing Software

TechGallop offers for your healthcare providing company the best in Medical Billing Software. If you are looking to develop customized, fully functional in-house billing software and also to have absolute control over multiple billing cycles, we have solutions for you! We offer flexibility, better control over your revenue cycle and simplicity in use for the platform we provide.

If you are looking for safe and dependable services for your healthcare company TechGallops offers multiple solutions for you, in accordance with your needs. Your privacy and patient privacy are our main concern, offering a 100% guarantee that our company deals with only the best developers that can effectively produce the best results for your healthcare center.


EMR Optimization

Our developing team also focuses on workflow optimizations for EMR software’s. Our goal is to provide the best optimization and upgrade all the program functions you need for your health center. We also collaborate with physicians and try to improve software processes and workflows that affect different modules on one or more health departments.

We offer significant functionality and workflow changes in the are of patient care that the EMR offers. Custom optimization and additional module installs for specialty areas are in our area of development.


Patient Demographics

  1. Track patient demographics
  2. Primary information (name, date of birth, sex, identification)
  3. Marital status
  4. Contact information of patient and patient’s employer
  5. Primary provider
  6. HIPAA information
  7. Language and ethnicity
  8. Insurance coverage
  9. Deceased Tracking
  10. Fully Customizable


Patient Scheduling

  1. Supports multiple facilities
  2. Patient appointment notification via email and SMS
  3. Compact and flexible appointment calendar
  4. Calendar features include:
  5. Find open appointment slots
  6. Categories for appointment types
  7. Colors associated with appointment types and facility
  8. Repeating appointments
  9. Restricting appointments based on type


Medical Records

  1. Encounters
  2. Medical Issues
  3. Medications
  4. Immunizations
  5. Forms and clinical notes:
  6. Graphical Charting
  7. Labs
  8. Procedures
  9. Patient Reports
  10. Referrals
  11. Patient Notes
  12. Disclosures
  13. Electronic digital document management
  14. Paper chart tracking
  15. Electronic Syndrome Surveillance reporting
  16. Clinic Messaging
  17. Dated Reminders



  1. Online drug search
  2. Track patient prescriptions and medications
  3. Create and send prescriptions
  4. E-Prescribe
  5. Print
  6. Fax
  7. Email


Medical Billing

  1. Medical claim management interface
  2. Insurance Eligibility Queries
  3. Insurance Tracking Interface
  4. Accounts Receivable Interface


Clinical Decision Rules

  1. Physician Reminders
  2. Patient Reminders
  3. Clinical Quality Measure Calculations
  4. Automated Meaningful Use Measurement Calculations
  5. Fully Customizable and Flexible


Patient Portal

  1. Reports
  2. Labs
  3. Medical Problems
  4. Medications
  5. Allergies
  6. Appointments



  1. Appointments
  2. Patient Lists



  1. Clinical Measure Calculations
  2. Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) Calculations
  3. Automated Measure Calculations (AMC) and Tracking
  4. Syndromic Surveillance
  5. Pending Procedure Orders
  6. Ordered Procedure Statistics
  7. Paper Chart Tracking
  8. Sales
  9. Collections
  10. Insurance Distributions
  11. Insurance Eligibility


Multilanguage Support

  1. Any language can be added and translated
  2. Fully supports UTF-8 encoding



  1. Ability to Encrypt Patient Documents
  2. Supports fine-grained per-user access controls
  3. Remotely accessible from any modern web browser with a suitable security certificate installed