Techgallopis an award-winning full-service social media marketing agency that offers companies create strategies for targeting the right audience group and turning them into an internationally recognized icon.

We are experts at nano-targeting our social media marketing tools to produce incomparable and simply amazing outcomes to our clients. By handling these platforms effectively we can deliver complete peace of mind with our personalized solutions. As a result, when transforming into the next buzzing subject on social media, you can concentrate on other key aspects of your business.

We offer a wide range of social media marketing tools, and curate and execute social media marketing strategies that are aligned with the objectives, purpose and social interaction preferences of your company.

The way customers connect, follow, and turn to business has changed with significant evolution and introduction of rich social media networks. Consumers not only scan search engines but also review their social networks before making the final buying decision. Being a leading social media marketing agency in USA, we believe that each company needs to be aware of the prominent benefits provided by various social media platforms.

We put our passion in everything we do with success.

Interactive Marketing
برای تجارت بهتر است

فاز طراحی گسترده
نگهداری کد
افزونگی داده ها
بهره وری خمیر
طراحی جذاب ذهن
انعطاف پذیری پلی مورفیسم
قابلیت استفاده مجدد
توسعه دهندگان متعهد و چابک

Provide customized Marketing Branding Strategy services for

مشتریان ارزشمند ما

Social Marketing services include increasing your business values. This leading platform enables our Team to chose different strategies that are easily accessible and can be rearranged if required.

Market Research Services

The process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information on a market, on a product or service to be offered for sale in that market and on past, current, and future customers is known as MRS.

Brand Reputation

Brand credibility refers to how people view a specific brand. A favorable reputation for the brand means customers trust the business and feel confident about purchasing products or services.

بازاریابی از طریق رسانه های اجتماعی

Social media marketing is the use of websites and social media platforms to advertise a product or service. Although the words e-marketing and Social Marketing Service are still prevalent in academia.

استخدام کن یک
Certified Social Marketing Services Marketing Experts

Techgallop همچنین از نزدیک با مصرف کنندگان کار می کند و مطالعه جامع بازار، موقعیت نام تجاری و تجزیه و تحلیل رقبا را برای هر پروژه وب و برنامه انجام می دهد. و مشتریان می توانند طراحان و توسعه دهندگان حرفه ای ما را از طیف وسیعی از تیم های ما با توجه به مهارت ها و تجربه مناسب خود استخدام کنند.

حمایت مطلق از کارآفرینی

We have Social Marketing experts, web marketing , web development and app creation. This makes us more consistent, and customers can rely on us.

شفافیت 100%

شفافیت کسب و کار، عمل شفاف، راستگویی و شفاف بودن در مورد فعالیت های مختلف کسب و کار است.

آموزش دیده، تیم خلاق

هدف افراد تیم محور ما موفقیت تیم و ماموریت آن است. نمرات بالاتر حاکی از منفعت فردی و شخصی سازمان است.

The strengths of Social Marketing Services

قیمت موثر و چند پلت فرم

تولید راه حل

Techgallop is a leading Software Company offering the best-customized solutions for customers worldwide. Our Social Marketing Services Team also keeps an eye on the emerging tools and the latest technological advances and performs excellently in the projects of the company.

برنامه ریزی و الزامات

اولین گام این است که اسناد مشخصات را در مرحله برنامه ریزی اولیه ترسیم کنید، مشخصات نرم افزاری یا سخت افزاری را تعریف کنید و به طور کلی برای مراحل فرآیند آتی آماده شوید.

توسعه html
تحلیل و طراحی

هنگامی که آماده سازی کامل شد، تجزیه و تحلیل انجام می شود تا منطق کسب و کار مناسب، مدل های پایگاه داده و موارد مشابه در این مرحله در پروژه گنجانده شود.

پیاده سازی

چرخه پیاده‌سازی و کدگذاری واقعی اکنون می‌تواند با آماده‌سازی و تحلیل آغاز شود. هر دو آماده سازی، مشخصات و مستندات مفهومی تا این مرحله کدگذاری شده اند.

آزمایش کردن

پس از کدنویسی و پیاده سازی این نسخه بیلد فعلی، گام بعدی این است که یک سری مراحل آزمایشی را برای یافتن و یافتن هر گونه باگ یا مشکلات احتمالی که ممکن است ایجاد شده است انجام دهید.

سوالات متداول

ما آماده ارائه بهترین راه حل های فناوری برای موفقیت شرکت شما هستیم. این لیست کوتاهی از سوالاتی است که ما اغلب می پرسیم. به سرعت پاسخ ها و اطلاعات کلی در مورد تحلیلگران راه حل را بیابید.

What's Social media marketing?
Social media marketing is the use of websites and social media platforms to advertise a product or service. While the words e-marketing and digital marketing are still prevalent in academia, for both practitioners and researchers, social media marketing is becoming more common.

What are social media marketing services?
Social media marketing ( SMM) continues to evolve and adapt, becoming a strong online marketing tool for companies and brands alike. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn and Instagram could dynamically increasing your company’s visibility and interest.

What is the purpose of social media marketing?
Social Media Today claims that the purpose of social media marketing is to create a brand and increase the exposure of a brand, by creating relationships and engaging with potential clients.

What is content marketing?
Content marketing is developing and distributing informative and/or entertaining information assets for brand recognition, traffic, leads, and sales purposes. In general, marketing material is free and does not specifically advertise the brand.

How does social media marketing work?
Marketing on social media means sharing your content and reaching your target audiences on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram , LinkedIn and Pinterest. In digital marketing, this tactic is used to help companies increase brand awareness , generate more leads and improve customer engagement.

What are SEO tools?
SEO tools are researching the potential of high placement Web pages on search engine ranking sites. They have on-line information on backlinks and keywords as well as insights into the Internet SEO market.