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Professor Brig (r) Dr. Arshad Chohan graduated in 1982 from Nishtar Medical college Multan which is one of the prestigious medical institutions of Pakistan. After doing a year house job in general surgery he joined Pak Army. He did MCPS (ENT) in 1993 and FICS and FCPS (ENT) in 1996. He got the chance of serving in the Air Force and Navy also. While in uniform he has been on the following important appointments.

  • Classified ENT Specialist PAF Hospital Sargodha
  • Classified ENT Specialist Combined Military Hospital Multan
  • Head of Department of ENT Combined Military Hospital Peshawar
  • Associate Professor ENT Army Medical College Rawalpindi
  • Classified ENT Consultant Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Professor Bahria University Medical & Dental College Karachi
  • Surgeon Commodore, Head of Department of ENT PNS Shifa Hospital Karachi

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