What is GoDoctor?

GoDoctor is a Practice Management Software developed for clinical practice in Pakistan. This application seamlessly integrates all elements of Practice into one easy-to-use system. There are quite a few number of practising software developed throughout the world but GoDoctor is specially designed keeping in view the clinical practice in Pakistan. It integrates PMS (Practicing Management Software) and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) of Patients into one comprehensive and fully manageable application. The plus point it carries is that all the database is operated over cloud servers and is accessible on everywhere so you can practice on the Go!

Why was GoDoctor developed?

GoDoctor essentially was made for the improvement of the healthcare system. Traditional clinical practice features long queues of patients, difficulty in managing appointments in rush hours, doctors unaware of patient past clinical record, and no-follow up to patients for their feedback. A solution was brought up in the name of GoDoctor which solves all these problems systematically. It is developed to make Doctors concentrate more on their clinical work rather than management of other issues stated earlier.

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