About Anees Fatima Trust

Anees Fatima Trust is a non-profit welfare organization in Pakistan with a noble mission, a deep passion and respect for humanity, and a firm determination to serve the common people without prejudice of any race, religion, or color in all situations, where traffic crashes, unexpected incidents, and emergencies arise on a daily basis. The poorest people are struggling the most in these difficult days of hardship, unemployment, and low incomes despite an escalating rate of inflation. It is very difficult for them to raise enough money to eat, clothe, and educate their children. Special children are cared for and treated with the highest respect due to their unique needs.

Services of Anees Fatima Trust

  • Health Services
  • Medical Services
  • Free Kitchen Services
  • School Education Services
  • Rashan Taqseem
  • Marriage of Destitute Service
  •  Islamic Education Services

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